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Packaging Machinery Australia sell high quality yet cost-effective labelling and packaging equipment, accompanied by a superior customer experience and local support from a team of experienced technicians. We carry one of Australia’s largest ranges of packaging equipment and have solutions for a range of industries and business sizes. 

Labelling Machines

Labelling Machines

We stock laballing machines for all business sizes and with an array of customisations available, they’re made to suit whatever your industry.
Case Sealing Machines

Case Sealing Machines

We have a range of 3M case sealing machines that take the hard work out of ensuring your boxes are uniformly sealed and ready for transportation.
Band Sealing Machines

Band Sealing Machines

Our advanced pouch sealing machines are designed to integrate with your production line to seal and print onto pouches and bags of multiple sizes.

Smarter Automated Solutions

Our equipment is modular by design, which means we can customize componentry to fit almost any application. This reduces lead-time and ensures that our clients will be up and running with new labelling projects sooner than expected. We strive to preserve & restore our equipment so clients can stay focused on their core business.

Our Commitment

With exceptional service, top notch experience and world-class technology, we are setting the industry standard for excellence in modular labelling and packaging solutions. We understand the buying process can be overwhelming and our experience and dedicated team will ensure the process is easy and transparent.

Pack Leader Labelling Machines

PMA are dedicated to creating the best labelling solution for your business.

ELF-20 Table-top Top Labelling Machine

ELF-50 Wrap Labelling Machine

The ELF-50 Wrap Around Labelling Machine is the most economical and efficient machine in terms of capabilities. This labeller is fast, easy to operate, and easy to maintain, as well as flexible enough to handle product changes quickly and easily.

PL-221 Top and Bottom Labelling Machine

PL-221 Top & Bottom Labeller

The PL-221’s dual-head design makes this machine an exceptional choice for simplifying top and bottom labeling jobs. With both labeling heads working simultaneously, you can label your product in a single pass.

PRO-515 Inline Labelling Machine

PRO-515 Inline Labelling Machine

The PRO-515 is designed to apply pressure-sensitive labels to round containers. And, with just a tap of its one-touch screen, you can easily adjust the settings to apply labels to one side of flat-surfaced containers.

Serving the Craft Beer Industry

Automatic labelling machines for craft beer cans and bottles are becoming increasingly popular among small breweries who are trying to ramp up their productivity and cut waste. The right automatic labelling machines make it possible to double or triple labelling output and reduce the amount of time from brewing to store shelves. Get in touch to find out how our machines can be incorporated into your production.
PL-501 Wrap Around Labelling System

The PL-501 wrap labeller is designed to apply pressure-sensitive labels to round containers. With just a tap of its one-touch screen, you can easily adjust the settings to apply labels to one side of flat-surfaced containers. The machine’s speed adjusts according to your container’s surface. As well as the wrap-around model, the PL-501 has variations that allow for neck labelling, tamper labelling, square labelling, tapered labelling and much more, making it one of the most versatile labellers on the market.

Packaging Machinery Australia

Packaging Machinery Australia sell and service a wide range of labelling, case-sealing and packaging equipment with exclusive distribution access to global industry leaders including 3M and Pack Leader.  

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