Frequent Questions

I am reluctant to purchase imported machinery. What makes PMA different?

Globally, there are varying standards of machinery manufacturers, and if you don’t visit their facility you can’t know what you are going to get. That’s why we regularly visit with our suppliers and inspect the quality of the machinery, and only choose the best suppliers after undergoing testing and training.

What happens after I purchase the machine if there is a problem?

We have our own local team and we use the best service providers available if something was to go wrong (which isn’t common). If a problem does occur, rest assured we have the full support of our manufacturers and local technicians and contacts to assist you.

How do your labelling machines compare to other locally distributed products that have been in Aus for longer?

The range of labellers we carry are made by Pack Leader. This isn’t a new company, it has been designing and building machinery since 1991. Its comparable in every way to other machinery available in the market, just at a more affordable price.

I notice you are a distributor for various brands. Why wouldn’t I just go directly to them to purchase the equipment?

PMA is a distributor for quite a few manufacturers, some of whom we are an exclusive distributor for. Others simply don’t have local technicians and a support team, which means they can’t provide various services for these brands such as delivery, installation, technical support, parts and consumables etc.

I can see PMA is a new business in the market. Why wouldn’t I use a more established business?

PMA is simply a new heading. The team behind the brand has over 20 years experience in the Australian Packaging and Manufacturing sector and have a long history in the industry that we’re excited to bring to this new venture.

What technical support do you offer after I purchase a machine?

We have our own team for technical support and if we are unable to assist, we have direct access to the best technical service providers available.

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