AZCO Corp SUR-PAK 5D Oxygen Absorber Pouch Dispenser

    Machine Information

    • The 5D pouch dispenser is most commonly used for dispensing desiccant and oxygen absorbers. It is able to run products from all manufacturers, giving you the freedom of choice to get the most competitive pricing for your material.

      The 5D is designed with you in mind. It is compact, easy to use, and affordable. The dispensing head is compact in size, only 178mm [7”] wide x 305mm [12”] high x 356 [14”] deep, making it ideal for tight spaces or to automate a manual process. It also affords the option of adding additional heads for higher production requirements. Using multiple heads is advantageous because you can add more capacity to a line as your demands require, and they are easy to move from line to line, reducing your actual cost.

      A touch screen is provided for easy setup, and the unit self-threads with the automatic loading feature. The all-electric design requires only standard outlet power.

      The modular knife assembly is made from high-grade tool steel, which gives you long life and reliable cutting. The knife cartridge can be easily replaced within 30 seconds by any operator, no experience required. Product change can be done easily, without tools.

    • Lexan enclosure
      Desiccant dehumidifier
      Nitrogen purge system
      Unwind and height-adjustable stand
      Pneumatic bottle escapement
      Freedom of choice to use any manufacturer’s product
      Touch screen for easy operator setup
      Tool-less product change
      Knife cartridge replacement in just 30 seconds
      Cantilever design offers complete access and a full view of feeding process
      PLC controls
      Compact in size: 178mm [7”] wide x 305mm [12”] high x 356 [14”] deep

    • All-electric design
      Cycle Rate: 100 cycles per minute, running 1 gm desiccant
      Power requirements: 110 V AC or 230 V AC, 50 or 60 Hz
      Pouch size: maximum 38mm [1.5”] wide, 10mm [0.4”] thick

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