Great Engineering BenchMark Labelling Machine | Auto Labelling Solution

    Machine Information

    • The Great Engineering BenchMARK Labelling Machine is the perfect automatic solution for your growing business Level up the quality & presentation of your products with perfectly straight labels every time. Simply dial in the distance between front and back labels, and take operator error out of the equation for good. The BenchMARK Labelling Machine is a proven workhorse and the strongest and most reliable in its class.

      Simply said, the BenchMARK will comfortably apply any type of label on any round container.

    • Labels any round container
      Will comfortably apply any type of label on any round container (55mm+ diameter).

    • Labels any round/cylindrical container.

      Container Diameter

      • – Minimum 50mm (2 inches)
      • – Minimum 8mm (3/8 inches) with Small Bottle Adaptor
      • – Maximum 110mm (4 1/2 inches) Standard


      Supported label types:

      • – Single, front & back, or wrap-around labels.
      • – Pressure sensitive, die-cut, roll-formatted, Fan Folded,
      • – Opaque, clear, translucent.

      Supported label sizes:

      • – Thickness: Min. 0.02mm (0.002 inches)
      • – Length: Greater than 25mm (1 inch)
      • – Height: Min. 10mm (3/8 inches) to Max. 230mm (9 1/16 inches)
      • – Direction: Left Hand Leading Edge (Internal or Externally wound)

      Label roll dimensions:

      • – Diameter: Maximum 300mm (12 inches)
      • – Core Diameter: 38mm (11/2 inches) and 76mm (3 inches)

      Estimated Label wastage per roll:

      • – 13 cm per roll
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