Pack Leader PL-221 Top & Bottom Labelling Machine

    Machine Information

    Weight : 215kg Length : 193cm Width : 90cm Height : 152cm
    • Solid and Flexible Construction Design
      The PL-221 is suitable for various flat surface labelling. The solid foot stand is able to easily adjust the conveyor height in order to connect with any production line. The mobility castor is convenient for moving the machinery to support another production line.

      Personalized Control System
      We provide a simple and logical operating system that even the new staff would be able to operate, helping customers out with the division of labour.

      Most Economic and Efficient Choice
      PL-221 Top and Bottom Automatic Labelling machine has a wide range of capabilities. It is able to handle a wide range of label sizes, easily achievable through simple adjustments. The PL-221’s high speed and stability makes it the most economic and efficient investment compared with other machines of the same function.

      Suitable For Wide Range Labelling Function
      With many options and extended functions, the machine has a wide range of labelling capabilities, increasing your efficiency, management, quality control in productions. Let our design team know your requirements and we will satisfy your needs.

    • Machine Structure

      The PL-221 Top and Bottom Labelling Machine uses S304 stainless steel as its main component, allowing for easy maintenance and great machine longevity.
      The precision inverter speed control is steady and durable, with only a low inaccuracy of +-0.5% throughout various speeds.
      Dual Conveyer design suitable for high speed labelling application.
      The wide conveyor allows for a large variety product, increasing the value of the machine. (Customized design depends on customers request.)
      The connecting plate between the foot stand and the conveyor is made of high class aluminium alloy which is extremely sturdy (not painted casting material), and will not cause any contaminative problems during production. Plus, it looks great.
      The double square foot stands are made from stainless steel, giving maximum stability while remaining compact.

      Operation & Functions

      Automatic Labelling Start Up Function
      PL-221 will automatically enter the same labelling settings as previously set upon start-up, saving tremendous amounts of time for the operator.
      30 Lots Cross Memory Module
      Save custom settings of multiple products for future usage, maximizing productivity.
      Auto Reminder and Fault Indication
      Warns the operator and provides illustrated instructions upon error in settings.
      Built-in Mechanical Operation Tutorial
      The PL-221 provides in-depth operating instructions, allowing new personnel’s to learn while operating, minimizing personnel training. This enables the best arrangement of production efficiency and personnel management, reducing the possibility of personnel shortage.
      Labelling speed synchronization adjustment
      Dispensing speed and conveyer speed are fully synchronized, maximizing precision after adjusting speeds.

    • Supply Voltage 220/110 VAC 50/60Hz 1Phase
      Power Consumption 825VA
      Dispensing Speed 40m/min max.
      Conveyor Speed 40m/min max.
      Applicator Height 150mm / 200mm
      Label Size 150mm x 300mm max.
      Conveyor Width 160mm
      Spool Diameter 76mm
      Dimension 1620mm (L) x 900mm(W) x 1500mm(H)
      —Specifications are subject to change without prior notice—-

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