Pack Leader PL-221 Top & Bottom Labelling Machine

    Machine Information

    Weight : 215kg Length : 193cm Width : 90cm Height : 152cm
    • The Pack Leader Top and Bottom Labeling Machine is able to handle a wide range of label sizes, easily achievable through simple adjustments. The PL-221’s high speed and stability makes it the most economic and efficient investment compared with other machines of the same function.

    • Supply Voltage
      220/110 VAC 50/60Hz 1Phase
      Power Consumption
      Dispensing Speed
      40m/min max.
      Conveyor Speed
      40m/min max.
      Applicator Height
      150mm / 200mm
      Label Size
      150mm x 300mm max.
      Conveyor Width
      Spool Diameter
      Dimension 1620mm (L) x 900mm(W) x 1500mm(H)
      Weight 215 Kg

      • CE, UL and ISO compliant
      • The Pack Leader range include premium sub components from global suppliers including Sick, SMC, Festo, Siemens, Delta, Schneider, Panasonic
      • PMA maintain and supply common spare parts

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