Pack Leader PL-501-NL Wrap Around Labelling Machine with Neck Labelling

    Machine Information

    • The PL-501 labels round containers in an upright position, and can be used on its own our art of the and applicable to any glass and plastic round containers that can stand upright by themselves. The PL-501 can be used as stand-alone unit or as a part of an integrated production line with filling, capping, and induction sealing machines. Other devices such as a printer and a turn-table for feeding and collecting are also available, increasing its functionality.

      The neck labelling function can be turned on or off but it is designed to apply a small label on the next of the bottle orientated to the main label on the bottle. This application is designed specifically for beer bottles but can be adapted to any bottle with a neck label in addition to the primary label

    • The PL501-NL uses the 501 as the base machine with the additional feature of the neck labelling module. This module can be turned on or off and this machine is ideally suited for wet or dry, empty or full

    • Supply Voltage 220/110 VAC 50/60Hz 1Phase
      Power Consumption 760VA
      Dispensing Speed 40m/min max.
      Conveyor Speed 22m/min max. (customizing optional)
      Applicator Height 150mm / 200mm
      Label Size 150mm x 300mm max.
      Conveyor Width 110mm
      Spool Diameter 76mm
      Dimension 2000mm (L) x 1120mm(W) x 1050mm(H)
      —Specifications are subject to change without prior notice—-

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