Pack Leader PL-521 Horizontal Wrap Around Labelling Machine

    Machine Information

    Weight : 361kg Length : 221cm Width : 139cm Height : 161cm
    • Horizontal Labeller Designed to Wrap Label Tall, Skinny Containers

      Fast, stable, and precise, the PL-521 horizontal wrap around automatic labelling machine ensures the most precise labelling on the container and eliminates skewing to achieve the excellent labelling efficiency.

      Extremely Excellent Adaptability

      The PL-521 Horizontal Wrap-Around Automatic Labelling machine has few moving parts, and adjustments are easily made. Changeovers are easy by simply swapping out the container.

      The PL-521 has been specifically designed to accommodate horizontal labelling of slim, non-freestanding cylindrical containers such as pens, test tubes, syringes and lipsticks. An angled roller conveyor ensures accurate labelling by securing the product on its side as it moves through the label head.

      With decades of machinery experience, Pack Leader designed this labeller through constant improvements.

      By using the unique auto feeder design and the slanted conveyor made from special engineering plastic roller, potential damage to fragile containers are minimized. This labeller is designed for containers that are 10-25mm in diameter, and can be equipped with an optional printer.

    • The design of the machine allows for the wrap labelling of tall skinny containers that are often used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. The infeed cassette can hold large quantities of the container and feed it onto the inclined conveyor. The angle of the conveyor ensures the container sits at a consistent position during labelling and the entire operation can be completed quickly and efficiently.
      The machine is constructed from 304 grade stainless and anodised aluminium with hand wheels provided for fine or coarse adjustment.
      The HMI controls includes a built-in counter that can be preset for stop at a predetermined quantity or turned off for continued production. The label length can be mechanically tuned for coarse adjustment or dialled in to the HMI for fine control and recorded in the HMI 30 lot menu. The controls are easy to learn and simple operate and provide built-in instructions and a guide for troubleshooting.
      Pack Leader products are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality control procedures and to European CE and UL standards.
      The PLC can also provide missing label alerts, auto labelling start up mode, and 8 speed options for you to choose. On start up the machine will default back to the most recent settings

    • Supply Voltage 220/110 VAC 50/60Hz 1Phase
      Power Consumption 840VA
      Dispensing Speed 40m/min max.
      Conveyor Speed 36m/min max.
      Bottle Size 10 – 24mm diameter
      Applicator Height 150mm
      Label Size 150mm x 75mm max.
      Conveyor Width 100mm
      Spool Diameter 76mm
      Dimension 2000mm (L) x 1100mm(W) x 1550mm(H)
      —Specifications are subject to change without prior notice—-

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