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    Machine Information

    Model : PRO-516 Length : 3000mmcm Width : 1200mmcm Height : 1450mmcm
    • PRO-516 High Speed Wrap Around Labeller

      The versatile Pack Leader PRO-516 is a high speed wraparound labeller that has been designed with the newest and fastest netcon control technology. With just a tap of the one-touch screen, you can easily adjust the various settings for your product needs.

      Through intuitive design the Pack Leader servo drivers deliver accurate and high speed labelling on different container types. In addition, the PRO-516 High Speed Wrap Around Labeller can be applied in multiple industries such as craft brewing, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, foods, vitamins, cosmetics, and chemicals.

      • Built-in operational manual – the PRO-516 comes with an easy to use built-in operational manual that can be accessed through the touchscreen.
      • Built-in troubleshooting manual – the display would guide the user through troubleshooting.
      • Label length set up system – Easily and accurately set up your required label parameters and placement through the touchscreen display.
      • Labelling counter – keep track of the quantity of containers processed by the machine.
      • Pre-set counter – pre-set quantities to allow for set production batches. The machine will automatically stop once the preset quantity has been reached.
      • Ability to pause the label application of the machine at any point via the touchscreen to allow adjustments of the labelling to be made.
    • Voltage: 220/110 VAC 50/60 HZ 1 phase
      Power: 1760WA
      Controls: Netcon Touch Screen
      Conveyor Speed: 30m/min max
      Dispensing Speed: 90m/min max
      Applicator Height: 200mm (Customisation is optional)
      Conveyor Width: 160mm
      Spool Diameter: 76mm
      Measurement: 3000mm (L) x 1200mm(W) x 1450mm(H)

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