Pack Leader PRO-515 Vertical Wrap-Around Automatic Labelling Machine can label various round bottles at high speed

    Machine Information

    Weight : 700kg Length : 305cm Width : 144cm Height : 192cm
    • The PRO-515 Vertical Wrap-Around Automatic Labelling Machine can label various round bottles. The PRO-515 is designed with a solid base, allowing the labelling system to reach high speeds while maintaining stability.
      Personalized Control System

      The PRO-515 Vertical Wrap-Around Labelling Machine’s provides a personalized and logical operation control system. New staff in the production line will be able to begin operating it very easily. The control system of the labeller helps you sort out the best division of labour.
      Flexible and Reliable

      The PRO-515 Vertical Wrap-Around Labelling Machine not only provides full additional functions but can also extend various existing functions for future production needs. The PRO-515 is also easy to maintain, increasing longevity for long term production.

    • Machine Structure

      The label applicator has been designed for easy reloading to reduce time wasted for operation personnel to refill the labels, increasing production efficiency.
      Made with high quality anodized aluminium alloy, the labeller has outstanding aesthetics while being easy to maintain and durable for long term use.
      Fine or coarse adjustments are easily made accordingly via the hand wheel mechanism to suit the customers various product size and labelling positions.
      .Made with 304 stainless steel, allowing for easy maintenance and remains in perfect condition after long term operations.
      Operation & Functions
      30 Lots Cross Memory Module
      The cross memory modules records the best labelling setting methods, boosting productivity and speeds up changeover process, which will also allow new personnel to condition quickly.
      Labelling Delay Function
      The labelling delay function is ideal for small scale adjustments and will calculate dispensing speed and position.
      .Labelling Quantity Count Function
      Records and displays quantity of products labelled via a large display panel.
      Production Preset Function
      A built-in counter keeps track of the number of products labelled to control production or to be used I batch mode, stopping the machine automatically when target production has been reached.
      Miss Label Set
      Prevents product mislabelling to ensure product accuracy during production and to fulfil production QC procedures.
      Built-in Troubleshoot
      The built-in troubleshooting assists operators to find prompt solutions to operation problems, helping avoid shutdown costs by finding quick solutions.

    • Supply Voltage 220/110 VAC 50/60Hz 1Phase
      Power Consumption 660VA
      Dispensing Speed 40m/min max.
      Conveyor Speed 22M/min max.(customising optional)
      Applicator Height 170mm / 230mm
      Label Size 170mm x 300mm max.
      Conveyor Width 160mm
      Spool Diameter 76mm
      Dimension 2420mm (L) x 1380mm(W) x 1350mm(H)
      —Specifications are subject to change without prior notice—-

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